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through MOVIES (Mpeg) and PICTURES have a look to:

  • beaches and wonderful small ports
  • stranges rocs along the coast
  • the sailing club and someother places
  • a selection of our best restaurants




View from the terrace

Cléder beaches : clear water and white sand, welcome in Cléder !

Beach of Amiets

Beach of Crac'h Zu (200m)

Rocs of Crac'h Zu (fishing)

Plage de Roguennic

Les Amiets

Petit port de Poulennou

Port de Poulennou, la calle

Anse de Crac'h Zu

Plage de Poulennou


Anse de Poulfouen (Pêche à pied)

Club Nautique (vue partielle)

Strange rocks : Give them a name!

The dog

Its brother...

The eagle rock

The hen

The old custom house

The magic dragon

The elephant

Menhir of Cam Louis

Monkey rocks

Rocks for fishing

Along the coast

The brain

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